I watched a documentary about online dating

It was made 6 years ago. I saw it on repeat on TV.

Even 6 years ago it looks like the chance of a successful relationship developing from online dating were slim to none. For both men and women. :couple:

So don’t feel bad if you’ve tried it and it didn’t work out. It looks like it rarely works out for anyone. :tada:


Mrs. Squirrel and I met online on May 25, 2019 back when Net dating was still freaky and dangerous! Coming up on 21 years of a freaky and dangerous relationship (we synchronized snore in front of Netflix now).




I haven’t had any luck, i’m hoping i can get a bit better and meet someone if i get a job.

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I met my gf online, 5 years ago. still going strong and silly :blush:

one of my roommates been doing video streaming dates lately on netflix. so basically video call with shared netflix movies :laughing:


ive tryed online dating

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i’ve never tried it but my friend met his wife online. although they knew each other beforehand and realized both were single so went on a date and hit it off.

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I met my wife (ex wife) on this site…always dated online and always been successful.

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Yeah, the last time I tried online dating I had zero success.

I was on sort of a crappy site though.

Online dating seems like a very shallow thing to me.

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My preSZ gf was from a club, she wanted kids but I said no bcz I wasn’t working. I have success in online dating like Tinder, Hot or Not, Badoo and Bumble. I like Bumble more because girls talk first. I had interested girls but they weren’t so attractive. The attractive ones talk with me but then block me when I say I don’t work.
I mostly matched with arab girls bcz I am arab.

Sz is really bad for dating, I can’t work and girls reject me bcz of that. Also I don’t have disability money bcz I live with my parents and can’t take care of myself like bathing if I live alone. Anyways my preSZ gf left me bcz I didn’t have the money to pay her half the rent and live with her.

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I like how you are celebrating that it rarely works out for anyone :grin:


I’d never have enough confidence to use one of those online dating sites .


I met my ex boyfriend online and was with him for 4 torcherous years and nearly ended my life just to get away from him.

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With those On-Line Dating Sites, I find men just want sex and women just want to spend the guy’s money.

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