I was mistaken. I AM getting a dog!

i thought mom was getting a dog, but today she said she is getting a dog for me. she said she would help out with vet bills when needed and watch it when i get a job. so i guess im getting a dog. as soon as i get back from colorado in early april. i guess it will be cool, as a former dogowner, i pretty much let my dogs have free run of the house, allowing them to get up on the couch and in the bed. i don’t think the dog will be begging for my salad and rice and beans though lol, so no extra food, just some good dog food and some treats. i guess it will be good for me, i will probably take it on a walk every day in town. im a little nervous. also i guess this means no more cigarettes so i can afford more dog toys etc, as well as no more vacations, unless i can find someone to watch to my dog, maybe my sister? so i will have a companion soon.


Yay doggie! I’m so excited for you!


I’m happy for you @Lifer!
How exciting!


@Ninjastar @Wave thanks, we’re going to get it at the animal shelter when we get back.


Any idea if you’re looking for a certain breed?


no i don’t have a specific breed in mind, i will probably pick the dog that sheds the least, i don’t know. i will have to vacuum a lot more frequently when i get a dog. but i don’t get alot of visitors so it won’t be to big of an issue. so maybe i’ll get the one i like best.


Good for you.


No matter what we eat we always have two pairs of eyes watching us in eager expectation. :dog:

Dogs are great though. Hope you get yourself a good and loyal friend.


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