I want to sleep alot more

i dont do anything when i am awake and i like dreaming I like when i have vivid dreams
the only thing i want to be awake for is to watch new youtube videos from my favorite channels and eat and take my meds because the meds wont work without food and also i need to eat in order to lose weight not trying to go into starvation mode, I sleep like 4 hours at night and like 2-3 hours during the day my ideal sleep used to be sleeping 10 hours all at once than staying awake for the rest of the time in the day but I get tired in the middle of the day and cant resist the nap as when I get tired I can barely walk or function because I am usually deprived.
when I was on my first meds for psychosis I was on Seroquel 25 mg and I would sleep like 14 hours when I was on it I was still psychotic but I was barely awake so it didn’t really matter

I keep getting prescribed sleep meds that I am afraid to take because the first one and the new one have the same interaction and I don’t want what happened with the first one to happen with the new one I wish I could get prescribed some real sedatives or maybe benzo instead of offlabel ■■■■ that keeps having interaction but I don’t want to sleepwalk so maybe I am forced to stay awake in this ■■■■ world

I love you @sigarino.
I am sorry to hear that you are struggling.
I want to go to sleep and never wake up.


I learnt from publication that our lives matter to others.


I sleep 10 hours at night and still like to snap

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