I want to play an instrument

I would use shamanic buffalo drum for meditation or Indian flute for meditation and relaxation. But buffalo drum would be easier to play. I don’t think I would learn to play flute

viper. you never know. maybe you could learn both. listening to great music is so enjoyable.


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I would encourage you wholeheartedly in either one you chose, or both. Learning to play an instrument is hard work and a very long term commitment but is so worth it. I’ve been practicing piano for the last fourteen years. I still got lots to learn.

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It´s awesome and it´s something you can be doing for the rest of your life. What kind of music do you like?

Do you mean Native American flute? They’re easy to learn. So is the recorder and the penny whistle flute. Give it a try!

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I never learnt any instrument.Not interested in music or playing instrument but music is very good for mental health

Music is fun! I play a lot of instruments if you want tips. Recorder is good. Drum is fun. I encourage this pursuit!

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