My dream 1515

After I master playing the harp, I want to volunteer to play the harp at psych wards and nursing homes.

I might invest on a 36 string lever harp to do this, but a small 26 harp will do.

I’m still learning scales so I have a long way to go, but I also play the lyre as well. Lyre might be even more portable.

When I have time, I will record a sound clip of me playing the lyre. I’m not quite at the stage to play something on the harp.


That’s really cool. I bet it sounds great.

I only played music in middle school, I played the baritone saxaphone.

Very cool. I wish I had the brain for music. I can play guitar to a basic level but scales escape me. More power to you.

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wow I wish you the best in your endeavor !! sounds so great that you are so inspired…!!

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I think music really helps fight my two diseases. As a result I definitely love playing instruments. I want to become a therapist who can heal someone through music.


Music has the power to heal the soul. Sad songs help you cry when you can’t cry and music can convey your emotion

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