I want to grow RICH CBD

I want to grow a CBD strain, but i want the THC to be the lowest possible.

If it’s legal where you live go for it. I’m sure you can get the seeds shipped anywhere otherwise.

I still think CBD only gets as high 30% at this point. In those strains THC still hovers between 5 and 10 %.

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Well after some web crawling my numbers turned out to not be totally off.

15 % cbd is attainable
Thc can be very low typically below 5% in high cbd strains

Yeah 30% is outrageous. 30:1 cbd to thc ratio is not.

@petester why don’t you just set ■■■■ straight next time.

Diss me while you can. I know to check before posting now.

Why would you be part of a sz community that is trying to better themselves. …unless you are conversely trying to hold us back?

i think your asking the wrong forum about how to grow marijuana lol . go on a forum that specialises in growing marijuana and im sure they can help you mate.

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There is the owners of this sight that is trying to turn us against each other.

I am not asking, how to grow, i want to know if anyone smoked high CBD strain and how they felt.
I read that there is one strain that is high in CBD, and thats ACDC.

There are a few strains. I’m just going to wait until it becomes a medicine in two or three years.