Cbd/thc oil 30:1 ratio, is it safe? what's your experience with Cbd?

I have cbd and thc oil, its a 30mg to 1 mg ratio. I’m suspicious that the thc even at that percentage will make me crazy. I’ve tried cbd only pot smoking and it also makes me uneasy. can someone either explain to me in depth how cbd with small amounts of thc works for schizophrenics? what are the effects generally? if you have some links that explain it that’s good too.

I don’t want to take it if the thc will mess me up. also how much would I want to take if it should be ok?

I took 15mg cbd oil capsules. They seemed to promote wellbeing and calm. Thc will probably promote psychosis, so i would stick to cbd.


Thc makes me psychotic even in small amounts. Dopamine supplements as well.

Stick to cbd only oil. I think the weed that made me psychotic was 10:1 cbd:thc.

There is also cbd wax/dabs.

Also I wouldnt trust those ratios if its from the black market. Here weed is legal and they have lots of cbd products in the SQDC.

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I’m in Canada it’s legal but I’ve been calling dispensaries and they tell me all cbd oil contains at least 0.5% thc in them. I tried a tincture (maybe 0.25ml, 8mg cbd and 0.3mg thc) 20 minutes ago. I’m not sure how I feel yet.

where would I find cbd only oil? or what about hemp? I’m not aware of hemp info, is it something that only contains cbd with no thc? would a head shop sell cbd only oil? because I think my problem is I’m calling cannabis dispensaries asking for a non thc product. they told me it all contains some thc because of how its manufactured. so I’m looking in the wrong place I guess.

I dont think this is true. I buy lab-tested CBD gummies from an official dispensary. They have 0% THC and I know that is true because I consistently pass drug tests on it.

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Plenty of stores sell them online. Just google cbd oil. Also you can get cbd crystals/powder, its 99.99% pure cbd.


There is also CBD ejuice for vaping. It has 0% thc and its healthier than smoking.

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There are a few dispensiaries near me that say all CBD has THC in it, but the one I buy from said that the others say that because there isn’t much market for pure CBD so most places don’t bother stocking it.

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that’s what I was sort of thinking too. guess I may try calling around.

is cbd (pure 100%) very helpful for schizophrenia? in what ways? and what dosage should I be shooting for per day? I’ve heard strengths ranging from 300 to 3000mg per 30ml.

In official studies, I believe 1000 mg was the minimum effective dose as an antipsychotic. That is obviously way too expensive to be practical right now. I take 10 mg morning and night, and it helped my anxiety enough that I was able to stop my anxiety med last year.


I tried vaping 100% Cbd - zero THC and it works for my anxiety. It’s quite expensive so I’m sticking to my Benzos.

sounds good to me. I hate taking klonopin. actually just found a place. 750mg bottle for 85 cad$. I’ll try it out.

That seems like a reasonable price. Ask for the lab report, to make sure it is tested at 0%

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I tried cbd ejuice with my friend. I wanted to buy my own but its too expensive in Canada, about 85$+15% tax here in Quebec for 30ml. Sucks. I wanted to mix it with nicotine. Anyways I am fine now with vaping 40mg/ml nicotine salts.

In the US its much cheaper but they won’t ship here, found the same strength and ml for 20$US.

I have a similar oil. It is 25mg/ml of CBD and 1mg/ml of THC. I don’t get high of it at all. It doesn’t affect me psychologically at all, I’m totally fine when I take it. I usually take 1ml sublingually.

Hey, Recently I've gone to a nearby cannabis dispensary to buy a cannabis product for my personal use. Then I inquired about the dosage of the CBD to a health professional and he explained it very well. One of my friends asked me to inquire about it as he has been suffering from psychosis. The professional told that CBD is safe, well-tolerated, and may have antipsychotic effects in patients with psychosis, But it depends on the physical condition of patients. If we're trying CBD, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it, what I mean by starting with 5 to 10 mg a day and after a week, increase this amount by 3 mg. I believe it'll be helpful for you.

Heyyy I’m from Quebec too. More specifically the city of Montreal!

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