Only experiences strains high in CBD with less than 1% THC please

I live in the Netherlands and only have access to CBD strains that go up to 7-8% CBD and 0.03% THC. I know many of you on here who use weed can actually handle higher % THC strains. I, and I think lots of other people on here, can’t take/handle any strains that are higher than say, strains that contain even more than 1% THC. I would love to hear experiences from people who can’t handle higher than 1% THC strains and whom are taking high CBD strains like this one for example

Please explain if high CBD strains help you? And in what way? What’s your exact experience when “high” on CBD?

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I started having symptoms from smoking weed with a high THC to CBD ratio. Nothing has really really worked in treating my symptoms, maybe CBD would help.

I’m from the Netherlands as well and I’m interested in this thread. I’ve tried CBD in pills once, from a trustworthy seller, a long time ago. It helped,to get me out of deep, acute psychosis, but only in very high doses. I tried smaller doses before and they didn’t help. I can mostly remember it made me a bit “dreamy” (dromerig).

I also used oil once from a somewhat shabby “coffeeshop” and somehow this had a really different effect… I ended up all hyped up, speedy, not capable of falling asleep all night, totally panicked and even more paranoid than before.

I’d like to grow CBD rich weed myself and use it, but I’m not really sure where to start. Buying pills or oil would be too expensive.

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I think the strain charlottes web is high in cbd and low in thc


BUMP c’mon guys there has been so much fuzz about using CBD as a treatment. Is there no one who has a review on high CBD low THC strains?

I haven’t tried a high cbd marijuana strain. I want to. I was about to get a medical marijuana card for PTSD but it costs too much money for me right now.

Try getting one when the have a Sale. Sometimes you can find one for cheap as others like to charge a lot. Mj goes on sale on 420 lol. Personally, I’m not into it. Been there and done that. It’s hard to find a good CBD strain. Colorado seems to do better.

With all the fees involved, it will come out to about $350 just to get the card itself. Here in Illinois. Wish I lived in Colorado instead obviously

I paid 100 bucks several years ago in California. I thought I overpaid. On a side note, Oakland has Oaksterdam university. Lol.

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Hadn’t heard of Oaksterdam. Whoa…

Guys, sorry but please don’t derail this thread. I’m really hoping someone that has tried high CBD low THC strain will share his or her experience with us. It’s really important for me because I only have access to strains that are only 7-8% high in CBD and only 0.03% THC, I would really like to know people’s experience on a higher CBD strain.

You are in the netherlands and I believe you can grow 5 plants legally. Try cbd crew who specialise in cbd rich strains. you will find complete info there…

How are we derailing? We’re discussing medical cannabis, which is the only legal way to obtain high CBD strains in many U.S. states.

It’s very easy to grow marijuana it takes 3 months under lights, a few pots, soil, regular watering and a decent book to educate you. You can get autoflowering seeds meaning that they will flower without interference of light timing. If you potted a few pots with autoflowering you can have some cbd weed ready in 3 months from now, even on the patio.

Need the right seeds though, like the example I posted (that’s only available in the US)

Barney’s farm, cbd crew do cbd rich strains. You could just grow a hemp seed from a fishing shop that is less than 1% thc.

You might need an american friend to buy the seeds there and send it to you then. Send it to their address and get them to post it on to you. It’s not illegal.

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Thanks for the suggestions @labratmat but like me and many others, many of us can’t tolerate more than 1% THC and those in your suggestions are way up in THC %. And that’s what I’m smoking now, “industrial” hemp and those are (the highest) 7-8% CBD 0.03 (maximum % that’s allowed in Europe) THC. We really need those strains that are sold in the US with 16-20% CBD and 1-2% THC.

This does have what you want. The cbd crew therapy seeds.

Our first recommendation would be CBD Crew Therapy. This has ratios of 1:20 THC:CBD. It is one of the World’s first high CBD low THC varieties and is well worth a try. Lab results show the average plant has 0.5% THC and 8-10% CBD. This is a very close replica to Charlotte’s Web however it does not use Hemp as a source. These Seeds are derived from pure grade Marijuana. CBD Crew have spent 4 years perfecting this strain, so expect the ultimate Medicine.

Can you share me the link to that one?