My cbd business is so close to launching

I cant wait to show all of you.

End of october we launch…


You’ll make a mint!

People go nuts over even a mention of CBD, regardless of whether it works or not. Placebo effect be crazy.

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I know lol. Its so hot right now and theres not enough providers here in my city.

And i used to work part time at a cosmetics lab where they make all different creams.

So we going to infuse cbd into every cosmetic under the sun.

Hope i can turn a buck !!!


I use a cbd lotion with magnesium in it and it’s $16 for 8oz and worth every penny because it helps me so so much.

I bet you can make a bunch of money. Good luck!


Yea im excited. Ill post some pics soon of the different ranges :smiley:


That’s really cool and I’m happy for you. Remember, advertising on this site is against the rules, but it’s really awesome that you’re starting this business.

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Pleased for you - but not for me. Its still too close to weed. I would be afraid of getting some - being disappointed - and then running to my dealer for half an ounce.That stuff is my achilles heal. Hope it works out for you tho

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Awesome!! 68900754

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Congrats @anon39015889!

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Cool man. Great to see success and hard work.


Are you using isolate? Or what are you putting in there?

I’m so excited for you! Congrats, hon @anon39015889

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My guess is @anon39015889 is extracting CBD from marijuana plants.

Congrats! That’s awesome that you have your ■■■■ together enough to manifest a business. I hope you make some serious coin!

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