I want a relationship very much,but it still hasn't happen

Hey guys,I want a relationship very much,but couldn’t find any girl nearby to date

I had tried using tinder/okcupid,these are two dating apps I think is most useful for me.One issue I find is that all the girls on these apps are from Singapore and I live in Malaysia,1 hour away from Singapore.So I don’t know if it’s logical to cross the border and spend one hour on transport to meetup my date If I matched.

I am kinda deprive mentally because I don’t have a platform to date.Even when now I am very stable mentally and dating/having a girlfriend can only help me.Thanks for reading,hope everyone who want a relationship can get someone they deserve!!


but couldn’t find any girl nearby to date

You said your family have a business that you work in. Can you get a customer facing role if you don’t have one already? It might be a quick way to meet people?

do you want one cause society wants you to want one?

Why do you say that???i want cause I want


I am already facing customer everyday,but i find it hard at the moment for me to love or like someone,or the other way round because I take my work quite seriously :-/

Maybe that’s the problem. Try to smile. It’s difficult, but maybe with a bit of practice you could do it.

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Plentyoffish.com …,

Yes it would be worth it if you really like the gal from what you’ve seen online and if you actually chatted online with her a bit and felt some starter chemistry. I wouldn’t recommend traveling an hour for just anybody, but again, if you chat online a while and start to click, YES one hour is worth a possible soul mate if that is what you are searching for.


Yes,I do smile and had been enjoying work recently but I don’t want my work to get distracted by my relationship

I’ve dated a little in the past. Years ago I had a girlfriend I met in a group home we were both staying in. She was sweet and nice and pretty and she liked me.

She moved back to her parents home which was about 15 or so miles away. She called me almost every day to talk. Neither of us had a car, so we traded off taking the bus to visit each other. The bus trip was about an hour and a half, one way.

But I’m making two points here.

One: I didn’t let an hour and a half bus ride deter me from going out with someone I really liked.
Two: I had no job, therefore I had no money. But contrary to popular belief, there are good women out there who will date a guy they like even if the guy has no money.


Thanks for input and two good point you pointed out

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I’m not very good at assessing character from forum posts, but to me you sound kinda needy and even somewhat desperate, no offence. I would read up on what’s attractive to women first(looks are not the top thing), because I’m pretty sure that as of now you’d drive away most girls with your behavior. How you need to behave would be very counter intuitive for you probably unless you’ve already read about stuff like that.

One of my favorite guys on the subject is Coach Corey Wayne. He’s not one of those PUAs who only focuses on getting women to have one night stands, from his vids he seems like a decent guy. His youtube channel seems to be for promoting his book and coaching service by reading success stories from people. His book costs 10 bucks for a kindle version which can be read on the PC with the kindle app. Good luck.

I dated an hour away when I started college and it wasn’t too bad only because I had friends that I could see when I got there as well. Maybe you could put in your profile that you would like to meet half way. 30 minutes one way is what most people in my city drive just to get to work everyday so it isn’t unheard of. That would limit you to girls with their own transportation.

Saaame. I want a good boyfriend so much I have dreams about it from time to time :frowning: but my PTSD prevents me from getting a relationship because touch sets me off, and sexual things are a huge no-no. So I completely avoid anyone I might be interested in or who might be interested in me to avoid these situations. A major reason why I’m in therapy is to try to change this.

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