Dragging myself through

After an awesome day yesterday I’m now back to reality. I love my job, but I hate where I work. I’m also battling my depressive tendencies very hard lately while at work.

Time to find a new job, it’s decided. I cant watch these people break the laws put in place to protect employees and clients anymore, and I don’t want to watch them harass another unpopular employee into quitting (there’s been at least ten since I’ve started and the management doesn’t keep it a secret). I really think that the only reason that I’m still employed there is that I’ve been staying out of spite because I know that they wanted me to quit a long time ago.

Now to find the motivation to start looking for something better.

Sometimes, it’s time to say enough is enough. I don’t know if you’ll find it any better anywhere else, but it’s worth looking into.

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And you deserve something better. Hope things work out for you. :smile:


Can you find places to work where this crap don’t repeat itself? Will they continue the harassment once they start??
I’m just curious how it works in the work force nowadays since I walked out of my job 16 years ago and have no desire to rejoin it.

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I’ve worked a lot of places where this problem didn’t exist.

It comes and goes at the place I am now, but it comes more than it goes.

My co-workers are intimidating control freaks. I mean when I deal with them they literally try to control me. And people get mad and crazy at you if you try to not let them control you. But my job has to many pluses to give it up. It’s a cushy job that pays well (for me), it’s ten minutes away from where I live, and it’s easy and predictable. And my boss is mean, but he’s lenient. I can take a Coke break almost any time I want to for a few minutes. And today I got a rare compliment from him on my work. That’s enough to make me want to stay. Actually I never seriously think of quitting. I’ll ride it out as long as I can.

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they don’t deserve you.
take care

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That was the nicest thing I have heard in a while. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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good luck finding another job!


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