I volunteered at the food bank!

So on Thursday I went and volunteered at the food bank. I liked it because I got to exercise and also do something good.
The place is far so had to to drive on the highway for 10 minutes. I am okay with that - just a little hesitant.

So apparently people can come and pay 5$ to get a box of stuff.

I unpacked lotsa boxes and 50% of the food was expired. The people around me it is okay - especially like dry stuff are good for another 8-9 months.

So I will skip tomorrow as we have a snowstorm but hopefully I’ll start a routine volunteering once a week for 3 hours.


I start volunteering on Monday. In a thrift store. Super excited!


every time I want to volunteer, they always want references… ;/

lucky you

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references for what? I think I put a couple of my friends =)

Good for you cherie. I volunteered many years ago. It’s very rewarding.Did they let you eat any of the food there?


free food isn’t the best…

when i was going to group at my old mental health clinic, we all volunteered at a food bank truck at a local church. we were there from 9 am to 2 pm. i felt bad for the last people there they got very little.

@cherie I think it’s great that you’re doing volunteer work. :slight_smile:


but it is still free :blush:

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I know, right? free expired bread and peanut butter sandwiches were served in my area.

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Yeah they should try to keep track that it is not expired.

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