I used to have some messed up friends

"I LOVE going to the bar after doing heroin because I could have two or three beers and be wrecked! ". They would say. One is my limit. On abilify , and klonopin and naltrexone it’s taken me over 40 minutes to be half way done with one beer. I won’t drink 2. Probably won’t drink another for two months. Although it’s been enjoyable. I think I’m an alcoholic but my meds (especially naltrexone) prevent me from being as insane as I used to be. I like the taste though of a good ipa. I need it once every blue moon :confused: sorry to let u guys down. Although I don’t feel all that guilty :wink:

i’ve never made many friends with straight-laced people. in school i hung with the skaters, or basketball teammates.

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I’ve only had 1 real friend in 6 years who wasn’t a heroin addict. Partially because I’ve met all my friends in Aa and rehab, and most the young people who have to go through that ■■■■ are heroin addicts. If I wasn’t sz id probably live a functional alcoholic life until I’m 45 and start having health problems. But when you do heroin you hit rock bottom quickly. So all the young people in Aa are addicted to smack. And it’s an epedemic. People always think I’m a heroin addict in aa since I’m young, but really my psychosis drove me to drink more and take more substances.

ive been reading about the 12 steps… Richard Rohr has a book on them… very interesting stuff.

heroin sounds like nasty ■■■■…

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