Just met an old drinking buddy

I just met an old drinking buddy. They always want me to come along because when I have money I don’t hold back and buy all the beer I can. Last time I was at his house I bought two thirty packs of beer for just a few people. I really shied away from him just now because I really need to stay sober, for a lot of reasons. One is that if I move into public housing there are a lot of different ways alcohol could wreck me. There are other, more compelling reasons.


Good move crimby !

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was drinking the basis of your friendship? if so do you still feel like friends without alcohol being there?

I would say I like the guy, but he is way too strongly associated with alcohol for me to be able to hang around him. Certain people are strongly associated with alcohol with me.


Good going @crimby.
Smart move!

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Congrats on staying strong and avoiding it!

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