I used to have money for entertainment

My kids and I have seen so many shows, and concerts, and musicals, etc…

and when things got tight, I found free events to go to.

The last concert I saw was this June on my birthday, I saw Paul McCartney
with my mom, it was my birthday gift.

Are you guys able to spend on entertainment? I think it would really help me
stay inspired.


It would be so nice if you could put a little something aside to treat yourself, but it’s hard when things are tight.

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yeah, also, I can’t remember the last time we went out to eat, or shot pool, or went bowling.

Oh it would be nice to go shoot pool, that doesn’t cost too much. Maybe you guys could go do that sometimes.

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I goto the cinema literally round the corner sometimes. £3.50. They make there money on the confectionary - but i take my own. Cant be beaten. The cinema 3d complex 6 miles away charges upwards of 9 quid.

I avoid the place on the school holidays tho - i love kids - but not when there making a noise when im watching a film! .

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I’m heavily involved in the local arts scene. Most of the shows are free or donation optional. I get to go to gallery openings and concerts all the time. Thats something I love about my city. When I lived in Boston it was too expensive for any local music scene to pop up even with all the colleges there.

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