Did you hear? concerts are coming back

the thawing of Rona!

won’t believe it til real headliners.


Hooray :grin:!!!

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A concert?

No thank you.

I don’t think any responsible artist would hold a concert right now,

But I guess we’ll see.


Yes, but Keith Richards.



Concerts? No way.
I don’t even go to my local supermarket.
Coronavirus is still running rampant.


How do you get your groceries?

I hadn’t gone to a concert for at least two decades before The Rona. I was on Twitter this morning and some dude was losing his crap over movie theatres. I’m like, what’s a theatre? Haven’t been in one of those for over a decade. Got a big screen, surround sound, and a popcorn maker at home. I can subscribe to three different streaming services and access tens of thousands of movies for the price of one theatre visit. Theatres are a done deal no matter what.

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We order our groceries online through an online grocery company.

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Yeah I think they are done regardless of Covid.

yeah, but you can’t get 3-D at home.

my son and I love the IMAX shows, with the glasses,
plus they’re only about 45 to 50 minutes long,

perfect for our attention span.

I miss concerts, but also wouldn’t go to one right now. Last summer was the first one since I was 16 that I wasn’t in a mosh pit at a festival.

I haven’t gone to a concert in decades.
Not planning on going anytime soon.

I was going to go to the Motley Crue show last year. Lots of good bands. And I was going to see Kiss one last time. There is a drive in theater opening up near me this weekend. Haven’t had one of those in a while. It holds 200 vehicles It’s a 42 x 22 foot screen. Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard is opening it up.

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The last movie I watched was so bad, I walked out on it…and I was on an Airplane.

(rim shot)

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ohhh, yeah, we wanted to see the Crue show too,
and I think they cancelled kinda at the last minute.

I love Drive-Ins, and I think we still have one close by,
saw Shrek there with my kids on my birthday.

Thanks for sharing that.

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