I tried to get back into video games

Series S is just fine if you don’t need 4k. Some of the games even load faster than they do on the Series X just because the file sizes are smaller due to the lowered resolution.

Anyway I believe you still get HDR, and you still get the very fast solid state hard drive. It only holds like 400GB worth of games though, so you won’t be able to have more than 3 or 4 big games installed at one time. You can use an external USB drive to move games back and forth as you need, which is often faster than downloading them.

Lots of people are getting an X for their 4k TV and an S for their bedroom where they have a 1080p set.

I too, have a hard time playing games. Psychosis took most of it away from me. I hear voices that say I should quit and get negative thoughts about gaming. So I can not enjoy it anymore like it once was.

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Yeah, I noticed after a major psychotic break some years ago, gaming lost its luster. Just as you described.

i used to enjoy playing gta5 and skateboard games. but now i just cant get into them anymore.

the only game i can really get into is assetto corsa racing simulator which i use a steering wheel , pedals, and shifter setup.

but im just not into the controller games much anymore

Cant play for more than 20min to half hour max because of the pain of my condition still bought a big screen qled tv and will get a series x my condition is just going to have to get better.

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