So i bought a new gaming laptop

I got a new laptop and downloaded steam.

What is a good casual fun game to play.

Any suggestions ?



Final fantasy v.


It’s sort of difficult but I’m playing a game called “enter the gungeon” and having a great time.


Try ‘Everything’, it’s real trippy, in a good way.
Two Point Hospital is also fun


Can you name a few games you’ve enjoyed in the past? Also a few genre of video games you enjoy? I have about 52 games on steam. Be sure to look at and for good deals.

Rust sounds cool to me.

I used to play the newest counter strike all the time until my computer went down. It’s super fun if you like first person shooters.

I don’t have any game suggestions, but I’m curious as to what kind of laptop you got. I just got an Alienware that was $442 off. It arrived yesterday, and I am thrilled! I also considered the ASUS ROG but decided I don’t need an i9 or an nvidia 2080.

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Where did you get that deal at? 442 dollars is a lot off especially for an Alienware.

Best Buy. It was a REALLY great deal!

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Today it is even cheaper- $475 off. Here it is.

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That’s a great deal! I love best buy. They are a great company to work for as well.

Warface is a Good Free FPS. Reminds me of COD. Team fortress 2 is there too but its difficult, also Free.

Does anyone know of good games that aren’t PvP? I’m looking for games, too. Sorry- didn’t want to start a new thread on the same topic.

What genre do u want to play?

I don’t know. I like a variety of games- Zoo Tycoon, Sims, Red Dead 2…

Assassins creed maybe?

Get elder scrolls skyrim. It’s amazing on PC with all the mods they have in steam workshop.


I’ve been playing a lot of Slay the Spire lately. It’s a lot of fun.


It’s old, but I recommend Ys in all its forms, and TiTS (lol) it stands for Trails in the Sky, also by Falcom.
I’m a Falcom fangirl :smiley: