I tried the impossible burger!

It actually tasted pretty good! I took off the bread of course and ate it with a fork


There is a restaurant here that actually serves “the impossible burger”. It weights 1kg, and with bread and fries the plate probably has like 1,5kg food on it. If you can finish it before 1 hour you get if for free. That’s the gimmick.

I never tried it because I think the whole concept it’s rediciulous.

@Mr_Hope. Here it means vegaterian


great, if your vegan its great, you have bk now.


Sometimes I get the impossible breakfast sandwich at Starbucks. It’s not bad with some hot sauce.


I don’t like it, and I used to be vegan. But even as a vegan, I didn’t use meat substitutes. I did eat beans, lentils, organic tofu, nuts… just not fake meat.


I’m trying to be vegan until I lose weight and I hate fake meat.

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They were selling 4 lbs for $20 at Costco.

I’ve had it before and I liked it. I don’t know what I’d do with 4 pounds of it tho

It’s very possible to do. For instance, I made tacos with lentils, carrots and seasoning in the food processor. It tastes great. Good luck your endeavors!

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Impossible burger is delish but I crave meat for the first time in 7 years. I haven’t eaten meat since 2013. In my opinion, impossible burger is not worth it. I need to go back to forgetting what meat tastes like so I can stop craving it.

My dietician mentioned I try the Morningstar veggie burger since I don’t eat a lot of meat.
I don’t think it’s that healthy so I may not try it.

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