Burger or Pizza?

I’m going to lunch in a half hour. I’m a vegetarian and the only things on the menu I can eat at this place are a personal pizza or a quinoa burger. Sometimes I get a fried egg on the burger. Sometimes I get a salad with the pizza. You get the idea.

I need your help to decide what entree I should get! :grimacing:

  • That burger is a modern marvel made of quinoa!
  • Pizza is always the correct choice.
  • Why are you ruining everything with vegetarianism?!
  • Something else entirely

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you should get two salads a combine them for one giant salad with honey mustard or poppy seed even better if they have it

Leaf, you sound like my conscience.

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why not a burger pizza?

@dougRN you’re like the opposite of my conscience. Leaf is on one shoulder and you are on the other.


lol. Well honey the numbers dont lie looks like you’re having pizza

Hmm!!! I just don’t know. How about both?

Why isn’t steak up here.

Because steaks come from cows, and cows love one another and lick their children, and listen to little girls play the accordion while they happily graze in the field. Does that answer your question?

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I guess too bad you don’t have steak up there though lol

I had the spinach pizza. It was acceptable. I feel it was the right choice and you all get a gold star.

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That sounds good

@Sunlion are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

Thank you for asking, Doug. I am a vegetarian at the moment, which means I eat dairy and eggs. But I’m about to make a real effort to become fully vegan. Giving up cheese will be the hardest part of that.

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Your more dedicated than me. I was a vegetarian for a while and I couldn’t do it.

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I think it would be easier to make a tasty vegetarian pizza than a vegetarian burger. Meat isn’t as big an ingredient in pizza.

Quinoa is pretty tasty though.

I’m more of a burger person … Vegetarian as well.

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Veggie burgers are amazing.

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