I today took a shower after going months without a shower

The plan is, if I manage it, to shower 3 times a week from now on.
Yesterday I collected information about showering and today I took my first shower in a very long time.


Congrats on taking a shower! I need to have one myself


Yay that’s great!


Good for you! I bet you feel much better; I know I always do after a shower. :slight_smile:


Blehhhhh I don’t know how anyone can possibly do that I feel grimey even going one day without a shower …
Even so, you will find it easier when you form the habit, and it really helps with self esteem and depression … Congratulations keep up the good work :upside_down_face:

Nice job. I haven’t showered in months as well. :bird::bird::bird:

That would probably cause a rash and your booty would itch like non stop. Then there’s the aroma of old fish between your legs, not to mention the body acne. Showers & baths are your friend.

Sometimes I read about people being paranoid about cameras watching them in the bathroom. But in jail or prison your showering with a whole lotta people watching and blowing kisses.


I’m glad you got up the motivation to shower. I’ll bet it felt good.

I haven’t showered in a week and a half. I really need to shower. Especially since I have my volunteer job tomorrow.

I don’t get how you could go months without showering either? Isn’t your hair greasier than a jar of vaseline?

That’s great

Do you have a reward you could do to build a regular habit? That is helping me. I get a scratch ticket

Good going @Chess24! :slightly_smiling_face:
I took a shower a couple of days ago

Good job! After three days of sickness, I finally took a shower. Best choice in the world.

I don’t get it it. I shower all the time. sometimes twice a day. I soak in the hot water and dry my skin out every winter. then I scratch my itches and say…“oohhhh fuuuk yeaahh.” haha. works for me.

Was it really months?

I’ve gone from once every three weeks to once every week. That’s progress isn’t it?


I just took a shower too. It’s been a week or two since my last one.

I just have a bath twice a week. I fill it up so its boiling hot - and chuck dettol in it (i love the smell lol) - and just dive in when its cooled off, and put a new set of clothes out.

Wish i had a shower tho - it would bring down my metered water bill.

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Congratulations … I like to take a shower so that I do not start smelling, have to change the clothes too and wash these regularly.


I take showers everyday, it helps me get ready to start the day also do my hair, and get dressed. Today I wore green for a St. Patrick’s day party.