I told my tinder blind date I have schizophrenia


He didn’t say anything. I mean a normal reaction would be…what’s that? What is it like? But he said nothing. This must mean he was terrified and did want talk about the awful thing. So then he waited 24 hours and he let me tell him stuff about me and then he dumped me trying to make it look like it was the other stuff I told him about me. And he didn’t explain why he wasn’t interested …he simply said I enjoyed talking to you but I want it to stop and then he unmatched me asap.


He doesnt deserve you. Thank God you didnt date him


There’s a million fish in the sea


Maybe you are sharing to much info to fast, take your time and just talk about everyday life things at first. To much personal info can scare people off fast


You know what I’m thinking?..when I told him I have schizophrenia I was inove with him…well in the beginning of love…but he treated me Asif I hated him. Because he knew that when I find out what he thinks of me after learning I have schizophrenia I would hate him. And I do hate him now. He was ahead of me.


D.w. He probably just didnt know about what it was and had some preconcieved notions. Dont let it get to you


Lol maybe he has schizophrenia too bug just doesnt know it


How long have you been talking/knowing this guy?


48 hours…I told him right away like in the first conversation


I told my bf before we met .

We met through a dating site and started chatting and while we had been chatting for a while I told him online.

He was still interested so we arranged to meet.

We met for four days.

I sent him money so he could ride interstate to meet me.
Thankfully he did not steal the money but traveled for days to meet me (I paid for his petrol and food).

Within four days we had decided we were mutually interested and made arrangements for me to travel to see him.

He stayed four days then traveled back home.

A couple of months later I was picked up at the airport by him.
It was a dangerous thing to do though .

I managed to fly by myself and it went well.

He drive us from the airport to his place and I spent Xmas with him.

We have been together two years now.

I told all the guys I chatted with about my disability.
And herpes.

And that I can not have children.

We have our moments but we are still a couple.

I believe If I still drank alcohol we would not be a couple .
I was a binge drinker and a bad drunk.

I’m fu#### up enough as sober…

I prefer being upfront from the start but I waited a few days of chatting usually before meeting and before telling them about schizophrenia.
Some men I told sooner.some later.

I wish you well in finding a good partner for you who will love you and appreciate you and treat you well and who you can be happy with.

My bf and I have different sense of humour so we do not laugh together.
But we are kind to each other and take care of each other in many ways.


I love :two_hearts: him and appreciate him and wish you a great partner match for you who will be good to and for you.


I know what you mean by being upfront but 48 hours is too early to get that serious


I would tell someone after a few dates then if he dumps you put a lid on it and meet someone new


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