Thought I was

I thought I was Jesus.

well hopefully you’re not delusional anymore

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Thankyou Leafy I wish you well


I had a few thoughts out of my thousands that I might be Jesus, but I’m definitely not and it was just a random thought or curiosity.

I felt like I was ‘like Jesus’ in a sense, but definitely not him in any sense lol. I’m glad I never had that delusion at all.

When I say ‘like Jesus’ I meant a good person or a decent one, but I’m a sinner and flawed like everyone on planet Earth…that’s according to my belief system.

My biggest delusions were that I was a fallen angel or alien really and that it conflicted with simulation theory and I shouldn’t talk about the matrix at all.

I had the anti-Christ delusion and crap but thank god I got over that in 2015. I mainly felt that way because I thought I was invisible and the world was going to end in 2015, and that I was going to die a horrible death like John the Baptist.

I even considered myself to be one of the two witnesses of the Bible, which is strange, but based on dreams I get and have.

I even had delusions I was a cyborg or whatever.

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