My friend said “you’re not Jesus, you’re just a great guy”

Wish someone had told me this 7 years ago instead of telling me I was Jesus…what a waste of my life believing that delusion. But my friend who told me this I’ve known for half of my life. My parents don’t help my delusions, this board doesn’t help and random synchronized events don’t help this delusion ever. But now I’ve replaced “Jesus” with “great guy”. Of course this kid may be biased cuz he knows me so long to say I’m a great guy. But I look in the mirror I don see the chosen one I see a great guy now. Kind of finding my own identity. We’ll see how much peace and for how long this will buy me.


Wow. When does your identity fully form? Early twenties? I don’t even know. I have a full identity know. I know what I believe in and what I don’t believe in, and how I feel about things.

its good your friend has pointed that out to you, and i bet he is right, you are a great guy :slight_smile:

take care


I’m 27…I’ve had identity issues my whole life so I’m constantly trying to improve on it. It’s been a bumpy road my identity…but I’m making progress.


i would think your meds account for you being able to lose the “Jesus belief” more than what your friend told you…? I am glad you are more stable to see it is not true.

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Too many people have told me I was Jesus whether directly or indirect and I have too much in common with him. It’s realky tough for me because these commonality and synchronicity events. I really resent the people who told me I was Jesus. Not once did they think what I want but rather what they wanted. People taking advantage of a sick person. They were sick themselves Is what I’ve concluded.

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I hate it when people by feed my delusions takes months or years sometimes just to see their foolishness.

You gotta work through the delusion that you’re Jesus. It’s a very absurd delusion that is not based in reality. If you give us some of the commonalities we can work through them with you.

How wonderful!! And therefore, another delusion dies. That’s great.

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