I thought I was communicating with the President

Remembering this reinforces a belief that I may have been (am still am) psychotic. I recognize that this belief was false. So maybe the belief that I will be kidnapped to North Korea is also false.


It’s all false, you are correct!



I think that is a big step for you. Yes. It’s false. Delusions are very seductive. It’s easy to lose your perspective on life and engage in stuff that isn’t good for you. Getting over delusions and actually living life like most folk is a good goal to have. Yeah I miss some of the mania but I don’t miss the delusions. They made my life hell.


the meds have helped with my delusions…its good that youre gaining insight

I’m still afraid of going to hell but people here seem to be afraid of that. I just feel like I’m different than everyone here. I feel like my therapist said that God wouldn’t punish me for something I was forced to do. But my other friend said that I would still go to hell if I became the dictator. Basically, I wouldn’t kill anyone, they would just use my presence as verification to kill others? Does anyone think I would go to hell for that? I just feel like this verification thing seems pointless and unreal when I think about it.

No you would not go to hell for that, but it’s irrelevant because you are not going to become the dictator anyway.

Obviously something someone would say on a schizophrenia forum. But the part with me being used as verification doesn’t make sense to me. So I think you might be right. Why would I not go to hell for that?

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It’s just scary looking at pictures of the dictator.

Because you would not willfully be doing anything

Well, don’t look at them silly :slight_smile:

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My thrice daily reminder not to worry about it. All the worry in the world won’t change it.

no and no. You’re not communicating with the president or going to be a NK leader.

I hope that’s the case. It just wouldn’t make sense to use me as verification in order to kill people. I just don’t think that is real. Besides I can kick and scream right? How can they use me as verification then?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Like I couldn’t figure out a reason why they would turn me into a dictator. So if they gave me plastic surgery to make me look like him and then “plot” me in certain places when they want to kill people in prison camps since my presence alone would serve as verification to allow that.

It might not be bad to be the leader of NK. You might get a lot of perks.

Even know I’m almost certain that wouldn’t happen.

I like to believe that there’s no hell afterlife.

People create their own hell on earth, if anything.

It is a belief I’m still working on believing with more conviction.

Since my psychosis did involve hell. After death.

Yeah but I would go to hell.

Your trials and tribulations have already set you free from hell.

Why’s that? Your post about the drugs and rock’n roll disturbed me.

Which religion would you like me to explain it to you in.

It won’t be religious talk. Just a base to start from so I understand where you’re coming from.

Avoid the religion peeps. You know the routine. Saves shutting this down.

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