Things I'm over

I’m over thinking my family are clones sort of but still struggling with thinking I will be kidnapped in 10 years.

Do you think if they use my presence to officiate assassinations that I would go to hell for this? Especially if they have to drag me to those locations, me being unwilling?

You’ll never look like Kim Jong-un. Seriously, its impossible, you’re not his twin.

I can imagine so many ways that I can be made to look like him.

Science isn’t that advanced to clone or copy ppl.

What about plastic surgery?

Not good enough. Grafting takes a lot and produces little results compared to say a computer design

So there is no chance they can do this successfully I guess?

Exactly that’s correct. Are you taking medication? Antipsychotics I mean?

I’m taking haldol.

Absolutely not. But none of that is going to happen anyway. You’re going to be fine. :slight_smile:

What if I’m stuck there and I try to run away but they keep bringing me back? Sometime I’ll get tired of running away and then am I not responsible for staying where they drag me? Or the fact that they drag me there makes me not responsible?

The thing that makes me think it might not happen is why would they wait 11 years?

The world does not work like that, there is no 11 year plan to snatch you and ship you off to North Korea. The whole thing is a delusion from start to finish.

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They snatch away terrorists to Guantanamo Bay. Since I think I was a terrorist what makes them not snatch me away to North Korea?

That’s also part of your delusion.

How do I know that? There are terrorists.

Can you list the crimes you’ve committed?

I wrote about ISIS in a memo, a rap I made and several others I made.

Also when I worked at Barnes and Noble I think I unwittingly was helping fund terrorism somehow.

That doesn’t make sense though because the money went to the company. I’m just paranoid that I did this somehow.

Also I was in random locations at random times.

I’m just afraid I was a terrorist somehow that I can’t explain.

I wish I could contact someone about this.

You can. It’s your pdoc.

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I just don’t think they know much about terrorism. My pdoc said she doesn’t think I was a terrorist.