I think that i need to die now

Can’t keep doing this, and don’t really want to either.

Everything that it takes to be happy i do not have.

Why don’t they offer euthanasia? Is it because we are all cattle? And if you own cattle you can’t have them killing themselves? No. That is your livestock, you own them.

I used to think that the cops “protected and served”, which was true, i just didn’t understand why, it’s because we are cattle and you can’t have your livestock hurting eachother in certain ways.

Stop putting your children here, if you love them you won’t do this to them.

I saw it all when they tortured me in my “psychosis”, i walked into a hotel in downtown memphis, there was a funny little drawing of the city, it was drawn as to look like a playground of sorts, but they were with me and told me what it meant, it really was their playground, and we are used up and our dead bodies are thrown away into the garbage bin.

Nothing but a ■■■■■■■ slave pit, torturous death, lies and hatred, the list goes on and on, ■■■■ this entire place.

Now i have the wonderful oppurtunity of watching my happy “innocent”(ignorant) three year niece run around dying and not even know it, the world is going to ■■■■ her up and there isn’t anything i can do about it.

Thankful, nah, no thanks, if i met God i would probably try and kill him and he deserves it to, he deserves to hurt, ■■■■ the other guy to, all spirits could just drop dead and no one should care.

It’s what is and what should never be.


Just go and see your psychiatrist - life can get better. You don’t need to die now.

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Even misery takes a break from time to time. You’re hurting now but it won’t always be this way, don’t use a permanent solution to solve a temporary problem.

I hope you can get some relief soon, whether it’s meds or some other form of treatment.

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I feel like that too sometimes. But hang on, things can get better. You deserve a good life, and I hope that will happen for you. Tell your psychiatrist or your therapist how you are feeling. They may be able to help.

You’re just in a rut. Just get used to the idea that life sucks a lot of the time but it has it’s good moments too. It always seems that ‘bad times’ are permanent and forever when you’re in them. But many people can testify that that isn’t the case. Just come on here and keep complaining until your life gets better.
Here’s my favorite AA saying : : “Don’t quit ten minutes before the miracle happens”.
I thought intense psychosis was forever; it wasn’t.
I thought active addiction was forever ; it wasn’t.
I thought poverty and being hopelessly in debt was forever; it wasn’t.
Then again, I thought ‘good times’ were forever. Sadly not true either, but you have to take the bad with the good.
And I’ve been waaaay down, and relatively high.

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Every life is precious, yes yours included. Talk to your doc, dont give up, this dark feeling will not last forever, it will get better for you

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hope you feel better soonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pans disease just hold on abit more,maybe a few years,life will get better,trust me,do things your proud of and things you like first