I think sometimes I forget how to enjoy myself

Especially when I say out loud that the purpose of my life is to enjoy myself.

Anyways I will try to enjoy myself.

It’s not always easy?

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I think the key to enjoying ourselves is to take care of ourselves.

Today I went to the city and bought some vinyl. It might sound very casual, but as opposed to being home all day this lifted my spirits. I went treasurehunting for something I like, walked around a bit and got some excersise and had people around me for a while which made me feel less alone.

But yes, it is difficult sometimes. Some days it can be hard to find motivation to do anything.

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I’m glad you can find the pleasure and life in the little things :slight_smile:

Mr Hope

And in friendship. :slight_smile:

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I feel no motivation to do anything these days except for look for a job.

I just don’t want to anything else.

What is the point if I won’t enjoy myself to do things?

I don’t even feel like drawing at the moment.

Sorry for the venting I hope it’s okay…,

Having said that I’m only focused on my body.

So I will go swimming

To try to be healthy.

And group therapy because otherwise I will go insane

I need to fight my addiction.

If I can overcome it my life will be okay and I can enjoy myself better.

Wishing you all well…,

I take that back… I will give it a shot :slight_smile:

Cooosssss who can’t resist a bit of drawing. I can’t.

Might need a coffee though. Bleugh.

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