I find it hard to be fond of myself

Anyone feel the same?


I think it is in my genes. I’m very similar to my mum in that respect.

She finds it very hard too.

I know why though it’s mainly to do with physical things. Makes me sound shallow but idk that’s just how I am. Of course it’s my health too. That is affected by the weight issue.

Do you find it hard to be fond of yourself and why.

Consciously I AM, but subconsciously I think I’m not and that’s why I have so much anxiety socially and the psychosis severely exacerbated the lack of fondness and fears.


Look in the mirror and repeat an affirmation every morning. “I love myself and I’m beautiful”

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I don’t know why you would say you are not fond of yourself physically. I know what you mean about finding it hard to love yourself though. It is hard to love trauma.

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Mainly because of my addiction. But other things too. And what it does to me. It’s like I can’t even ■■■■■■■ control myself. It feels like I am a traitor to myself ya know? Because I’m so passionate about health. But it’s OK tomorrow is a fresh day. :butterfly:


Yeah part of me totally despises myself, my life, everything. Maybe it’s best to stop worrying about it all. I guess society will try to define you, but so be it. Illness is what it is. Maybe we could have done better otherwise.

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I’m older now and don’t care what others think much anymore, not in a ignorant way, just don’t worry about it

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Yeah I pretty much hate myself


It’s hard to stop worrying about it all when I think about cardiovascular disease. In particular. I feel like I have not lived life yet and I don’t want to be cut down early. With my addiction.

:frowning: :frowning:
But yes I try again tomorrow and will feel better for trying.

Something I heard that struck me when relating to self-love for those of us who struggle with it:

It’s like someone telling you to just speak french when you’ve never spoken french in your life. And everyone in your life also doesn’t know a lick of it.

I think it helps to just take it easy though. We get harder on ourselves when we feel down naturally. So if we can foster self-compassion in our low states we’ll have a much easier time getting through to the next day without feeling like taking it all on at once.

My mom reflects to me a lot of behaviors that make me uncomfortable to recognize in myself. Like UGH! Put me somewhere else with someone who doesn’t have this problem lol.

But in respect to what I said earlier, about speaking french, the person who discovered self-love found it by studying people who already understand it and learning from there.

If you do just one small thing to show self-love, then we’re already making steps towards where we want to be.

Something simple as brushing your teeth before bed is a good start. For me, it is a big deal.

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I’m sorry to hear that. You’re a wonderful person though.

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haha yeah I am the same

but really I think it just comes down to the addiction mainly and I have a bit of body dysmorphia but working on it.

yep like smiling at ourselves in the mirror…a kind smile of compassion. I know one person at the recovery college I went to she even strokes herself

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I am sorry to hear that. it is hard when people around us seem to have such ‘normal’ lives but it is true, we have to define our own norm, every individual person.


This is Linus Pauling the Nobel laureate’s theory on reversing heart disease:


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says error when i try to go on it

Fixed 1515151515

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it can prevent it ,but,what if mine is already serious…just a thought,but anyways i will hope for the best

and thanks for the interesting article…

didn’t know that about vitamin c

i do eat oranges every day and pepper when i am eating sensible so that’s good :grin:

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It can actually reverse an existing case. Really hard to get the therapeutic amount from fruit and veg though. But oranges and peppers are a start.

The Vitamin C / lysine stuff is a flavored drink powder usually. I bought Vitamin C and Lysine separate and bulk, I put the lysine in tea or juice. I don’t get much Vitamin C now since stopping Daily Essential Nutrients though. I do have the powder though.

I want my supplement stack to be minimal though.

Thinking just ground cloves or clove oil for antioxidants, a cheap multi, a B complex for mood, vitamin k2-mk7 for cavities and lower back pain (seriously,) lysine and vitamin c for heart health. Also potassium maybe, unless the person likes bananas. And a PEMF device.

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I feel self hatred is a blood-brain barrier thing. If it is 100% healed, minor stuff doesn’t phase you, and you bliss out with a proper chemical balance most of the time.

When inflammation slips in, you start getting angry and irritated and directing it at yourself subconsciously.

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yea i think so too. the thing is though that i believe even stress from negative thinking patterns can affect the blood brain barrier. through some hormonal path or something. so i need to work on my thinking and my nutritional intake aswell. starting from tomorrow hehe

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sorry guys i promise this was not meant to be a pity party for me, i just wanted to see who can relate because it is a real thing for me and affects me in so many ways…………

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