Do you enjoy from life?

Since i was child i never enjoy from life.yes maybe sometimes i was happy for live but mostly i have huge anxiety from my future all the teenage life was horrible too because of sexual abuse from my father has anxiety also and he was always discomfort from life.since i was child death is only salvation idea if somethings go wrong.i m now 35 years old and i feel that i complete my lifetime.i used to little pleasure from sex and creativity but this drug took my only life reasons too.i have highly suicidal and suicide idea is exciting me now.i just wonder that do you enjoy from life?

Hey @Dustypages Their are many things to enjoy in life. Too many things you haven’t done. Even with mental illness and hard times you can still enjoy little things. Sunrise/sunsets, a hot shower, cup of coffee, a nice meal, good friends, smiles, hugs, a nap, exercising, new life. Things worth living for to you.


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No I’m in constant worry. Sometimes it goes in silent mode so I can enjoy a little but it is always there creeping.
That’s why I used heroin, besides all. It made me feel like everything is just how it should be and I’m eternally safe.

Constant anxiety in the background for me. As well as severe, severe anhedonia making everything i used to enjoy suck to the point it hurts mentally

no life is boring

I enjoy life for the most part these days. 3 things I look forward to everyday are playing my beautiful bass, spending time with my dog and being with family. Going online and reading also passes the time. Life ain’t so bad since I’m on the right med and found my passion. I hope you get better soon and forget about suicide.

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I’m so sorry for your burdens. We will miss you so just cut it out. What do you like to do when you are feeling manic?

sometimes i contemplate suicide but there are people who have it worse than me and put more effort into life. i need to be more grateful and enjoy life right now instead of worrying about the future.

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Actually suicide doesn t scared me instead its exciting me which is i m not complaining about this because i don t want to live since i was child.but life always give me responsibilities for people who i loved.i just don t give them pain with my wife has no friend except me and she says that she will be devastating if i suicide.thats killing me because life is just a torture for me.death is my only hope for get rid of from this pain.but i will wait.maybe i have to give her a child so that she can get no loneliness at life when i have gone

I used alcohol for the same reason. For a short time I was relaxed and all was good with the world. I’ve been working on learning to enjoy life without chemicals. It’s been almost eight months.

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I love my life the only thing missing from it is a girlfriend and being debt free.


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