I think our job on this site is to help each other survive

With tips, experiences, what we learn about life. I figure everybody on this site needs help to just keep up with the
“normies”(I actually hate that word) We need help to stay equal and in the game. I wish it didn’t have to be that way. It’s a fast-paced world. “Normies” cheat all the time. I just want to #1) Be left alone. #2 Do what I want #3 Go where I want #4 have a little power #5 have some control. I basically have all that already, I just don’t know it.


The other side of the fence I agree with you Mr. Nick.

People here; have given me insight to more then just the small world I know.
They have given me knowledge on how to communicate better.
They have given me hope when I was running low.
They have guided me back to better answers when I was grasping at straws.
People here have helped me survive.
Thank you all.


Well if or when I helped then you’re very welcome.

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I think this site is for knowing that we aren’t alone- for example, by thread asking if anyone was homosexual or bisexual became a hot topic and TONS of people on here with schizophrenia are also not exclusively heterosexual. I was thinking about schizophrenia when I was sitting by the pool at a relative’s house around all of my family today- I thought that I always wanted to do something great, even as a kid I thought I was unique and had potential to overcome anything when I grew up- it made me get ready to go into ROTC from an international school. This illness hit me right in the middle of my senior year and I was not myself and was told that I was not going to be accepted into ROTC by my psychologist, who thought I had depression and substance abuse problems. I then told him about the conspiracies I had figured out and he told me that I was psychotic.

To make a long story short, I stayed in denial for 9 months until I got formally evaluated over the course of a week. Then I finished the semester and got on meds during the summer, then found myself on these forums in the fall. I have made great progress after I got on here, it was quite helpful.

Life with schizophrenia doesnt have to be only about survival, I used to think like that and got tired of thinking of myself as lucky to be alive. I got my challenge I always wished for- that’s what I realized as I was in deep thought sitting in the pool today. I have something that I overcome and have survived the worst of, and I am only 21 years old. I now try to live well, not just survive.


I would say that survival is a good starting point - but after that, recovery is something we can all help each other with.


I agree. Anyone and everyone is able to help me here.