I think my dog has schizophrenia

or he could be bi-polar, i may bring him too the vet

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What made you feel so Pedro?

he hears barks

ah im only joking

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lolz…Seriously, I laughed out loud…:d :thumbsup:

did he hear you barking? :smile:

he seen the dog god too, the leader of all dogs, lol

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my cat hears cow moo’s, first ever cat too hear that

Pedro is getting bored I guess…

just joking around,

You have a cat and a dog…They live peacefully…?

just 3 dogs, one is a racing greyhound

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You know when I was searching room for rent, many advertisements used to mention that they already have either a dog or cat so no more other pets…Is it really hard to keep two pets of different species at home?

they all get on well, they are well behaved, im going too the racing track this morning

Is it greyhound which is from wolf breed…I remember once my friend mentioned that a specific species of dogs is like wolf and they actually are derived from wolf…It’s very beautiful…

Are you taking your dogs to a racing track?

all domesticated dogs came from the wolf, they all have a bit of a wild streak in them still

They look so elegant and beautiful…

yes i bring him every wednesday morning to the track, great fun,

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Now actually I can remember, he mentioned a very specific breed of wolf actually…I can’t remember its name but he showed me the pictures and man that were really awesome. .

Yes, it seems…are you training them for race?