My hallucinating dog

He is staring into the kitchen and barking.

Not to worry, im sure he isn’t sick.

And im sure it’s nothing, nothing at all, no one can do those things at all.

Im all alone here.

(I want out of here.)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is glad you make posts like these.

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Yes, it’s a very joyous and happy thing that this is happening and i make posts like this.

How cruel of you to say sir.

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He might be hearing something outside. Dog’s ears are a lot better than people. It could be a mouse scurrying in your wall or someone walking down the block.

Do they have schizophrenic animals? Our cat ran into a wall chasing nothing one time.

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lol I cannot stop cracking up!
Schizophrenic dogs!
@pansdisease you are the funniest!

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" ruf…ruf…ruf…ruf…ruf…!! "
take care

Don’t worry. My cat likes to chase invisible bugs around the house from time to time. I wonder how many times she catches them.

I’ve often wondered if animals can be mentally ill. They can have depression and anxiety but what about psychosis? What signs would they show? Interesting post! :sunny:

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Have you had the dog throw up or wet the floor timed with something said by the voices?

Dog barking into space or cat freaking out with nothing around can happen…

Cats and dogs can hear things we can’t hear and can sense things unseen a lot more than we can… If you have a ghost, your cat will let you know, and even hiss at it and chase it. I think they see orbs and swat at them too. Dogs can also sense ghosts at times but not quite as well as cats…


@Stillperkin @e_lunaseer I saw a glowing ball floating in the air that no one else could see. Then the cat came around the corner and started biting at the air where it was, trying to eat it. It was really weird.

Cool, you saw an orb with your own eyes…Kind of rare. cameras catch them quite often…

I caught one on my camera just recently. :slight_smile: They are very cool!

I posted in another thread awhile back how they may be the answer to telepathy because they are often photographed around peoples heads, even though they can appear anywhere. they are pretty much determined to be some form of energy. I get pics of glowing ones even without using a flash, like these 2 in the woods under the trees…no flash and no sunlight directly…plus one is still and one is moving…

I don’t know sometimes there’s just a spot on the carpet and she tries to swat at it to see if it will move. It doesn’t and she swats at it a couple more times just to make sure…