I think my boyfriend might have a psychotic disorder

I have schIzoaffective bipolar type I don’t wanna sound paranoid but my boyfriend gets paranoid that cars just parked near us are sketchy and weird and there for us .he also gets paranoid that a place that we sneak out at is gonna put cameras on purpose to get us even tho he know that that part has no cameras .he also gets paranoid that anyone that looks at him likes him tho sometimes I see that there just looking normally. he thinks that sometimes people are talking about him when it doesn’t include him at all and he has heard things like a beeping sound when it’s very clearly not there he said he’s heard things that made him question if it was real before any drugs to and that he’s always been a paranoid person he says that there was a time he heard a old man make noise but than says he probably convinced himself he heard it multiple times he’s always extremely depressed self medicated with weed and finally got fluoxetine for depression but he’s extremely irritable to and gets mad at me easily but when I bring these things up to him he says I don’t have what you have or anything close cause I have a severe case

Either I am having deja vu or you just posted the exact same thing a short while back. I can’t seem to find it in the post history but I distinctly remember reading it.

Edit: Oh well, must have been deleted or something.
Edit: Yep, after investigating I see you deleted it. I knew I read this before…

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Everyone has some element that isn’t quite on the normal scale. It’s when things like paranoid thinking or strange thoughts become obsessive and losing contact with reality for extended periods of time.
Then it’s becomes a potential for disorder.

My dad likes to say “what is normal? Is anyone actually normal?”

Sounds like paranoia and psychosis…

Paranoid, but if he’s always high on weed it might be that.

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i was thinking same thing.

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