I think it was good

That I was craving for two days to smoke weed when I was still in the sober house. Made me think I can get through it the next time it happens I will remind myself that this too shall pass… What that does not kill me makes me stronger


You tried CBD instead of smoking?
It’s like being high except without the mental stuff.
Just, happy, i guess. Little calmer and slower,
weed without the paranoia.

Never got the whole marijuana thing. Same with alcohol. I’m seriously addicted to energy drinks, but no one seems to care or thinks it’s treatable. They consider it like a candy addiction. Like their addiction is better or more legit than mine.

Anyways, it’s good you didn’t smoke. I feel like ■■■■ on the meds. I’m always tired or something. There’s those places that cost 30k a month but I can’t afford them and they’re probably unable to help me.

If I didn’t take my meds, I would probably look even crazier.

It’s good that you’re in a sober living environment.

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Maybe a good idea. I have some cbd at my apartment.

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I hope it helps with the cravings,
It helped me.

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