My pdoc finally asked me to stop cannabis

I’ve gained weight.

A lot.

He thinks it’s contributing,

And thinks I should abstain and see how I feel.

I’ve always been under the impression you can’t be really addicted to cannabis,

But if you can, I would definitely qualify.

I need to lose the weight, but really don’t know how to navigate life without cannabis.

It’s really the only thing keeping me from going off the deep end.

I don’t know how to proceed.

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What’s it doing for you? If it’s just chilling you out then there’s supplements that might help.

Try vaping? It worked for me. No guarantee though.

It’s been hard for me sometimes with stress and anxiety since I quit smoking weed in 2014. I wish they would legalize it in my state already!

Helping my anxiety.

And I’ve tired supplements to no avail.

Tried the one you recommended,

The one that sounds like L-Th-something.

And the one promoted by the site.

@Aziz, I already vape nicotine too.


Did you try CBD gummies?

I tried CBD in all forms,

It just doesn’t work without the THC.

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Good luck @anon54386108.


I’ve been addicted to cocaine and to weed. Weed was definitely more addictive for me.

I’ve been clean for about 4 years and I still fantasize about smoking weed. But I won’t because it makes me completely non-functional. It’s so good nothing else matters when I use it.

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It will take some being uncomfortable, well no some being miserable for a little bit, but then your head clears up and your lungs feel better and a shift occurs and you feel better. You may not know it but you are amazing and you can quit if you make up your mind that you want to. You just have to believe that there is a reason to do so. And I believe there is. I didn’t smoke a lot a lot, but I smoked enough and I’m glad I quit. It’s just one less thing that I am dependent upon to get me through the day. One less crutch.

Try this

It’s out of stock right now though :frowning:

But it’s like a horse tranquilizer. Anxiety be gone. Take 2 capsules on waking. Clear it with your doctor as you’re already taking clonazepam.

I take it everyday.

Edit: As an added bonus it decreases your appetite.

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Do you smoke everyday? and for how long? i had to quit, I knew I could never be well if i continued.

I had to quit weed for my health too

Honestly, I miss it as I used to enjoy it a lot.

Not sure if you can legally smoke it where you are if I assume US?

I smoke everyday,

Several times a day.

Have since I was about twelve.

When I quit completely weed from 2011-2013. The first few months were really hell.

Then after that the obsession definitely left me more and more as time went on.

Then the obsession never came back until I fell in love with it again and started doing it daily again.

Marijuana can definitely be mentally addictive. Maybe a lower % than other drugs and the physical withdrawal isn’t horrible.,…insomnia, and poor appetite and irritability a bit.

I used to mad at weed for being so safe physically. Making me disregard its bad effects.

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It’d be like your high if you quit then.

i was always surprised that you and another said that you could use marihuana without consequence. since 12? man, that’s awhile. it’s possible to stop, marijuana anon is a good place to start when you’re ready. g’luck.


It’s called “dependence”. It’s called “drug dependence”.

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I know plenty of people who are addicted to weed. Just because it doesn’t create a chemical dependency doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive.

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I have a mmj card and still lose weight…I think if you would try smaller plates and only allow yourself two trips to the food you could do it without giving up cannabis…