I think it is OK to dislike some people/a person as long as you still wish them well

I think it is OK to dislike some people or someone as long as you still wish them well??



Seems disingenuous to me.

Tell it like it is


I just feel scared to wish someone unwell.

I think it would get me killed.

I wish everyone well

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Unless someone is coming to kill me, I will kill them in self defence


But that could still end bad, there’s a risk that leads to a bad domino effect

If I dislike someone I just avoid them, I don’t wish them well and I don’t insult them. I just leave it be and move on.


As in, they just don’t exist in your life?

What if they are at work for example, wouldn’t it bother you, unless you wish them well

Well I engaged with someone I politically / who was calling me names yesterday on here at SZ

I was as polite as can be while standing my ground.

At the same time I felt like this is another person. Anyway the thread got locked.

Not sure either - maybe I should have told it like it is.

I’m. Not too sure about this. But perhaps I would

I feel the same way. I even told this to my old pastor but he said I needed professional help.

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Also because I turn it around, if someone dislikes me it can be understandable but I like the idea that they still wish me well.

Do to others how you want to be treated.

It just feels safer

It’s just pretending you like someone is bad for my mental health

Since we are all different personalities it can happen

There is a person at work where things are weird. I don’t like/dislike her, I only spoke to her once to get help with something because it was my second day on the job. But it’s weird. We will both look at each other for like a split second then immediately we both look away. Sometimes I want to go up to her and befriend her because I have great working relationships with everyone else I’ve met there but then other times I’m like whatever, I don’t see her that often anyways.

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I am telling it like it is

Agreed completely, there are a handful of people I hate in this world but still wouldnt wish evil upon them. If anything Id wish them to be more rational peaceable humans.


Exactly. That’s what I mean by wishing them well.

Being a respectful person, to oneself and then to others, is the key to peace.

Well… It helps lmao


Especially on this board (Cause this is where I am most social).
But in theory it should apply always maybe.

Like if I don’t like some one on here. At the same time they are another human I know who is suffering the same thing I am. And that kind of makes a bond.

But as humans, shouldn’t that make a bond too.

So I do not want to hurt anyone with my words just because we have different beliefs or whatever that caused me to dislike a person.


I don’t dislike anyone here

IRL I don’t give anyone a chance to disappoint me


When I dislike someone I wish that they get the lessons in life they are supposed to get.

My type of logic.


I don’t like everyone here tbh.

But I do wish them all well.

And sometimes dislike can change to like.

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