Do you think hating people or disliking them makes you a bad person?

I think hell no!

Its just a human feeling.

I don’t believe in forgiving idiots who show no remorse

and forgiveness to those people…I can’t do it cos it just doesn’t make sense

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It’s counterproductive to forgive some people.


They’ve got to ask for my forgiveness, preferably to my face,

then yep, it’s done.


No. But if you do something to damage them, then that makes you a bad person.

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There is really only one person I hate. I dislike a few but just be civil around them so all is good.

Disliking people is alright. We all have our preferences and we can’t like everyone.
Hate, however. I find it childish to nurture wishing harm and having angry feelings towards someone else.
Because that’s what I see as hate. Disliking someone so much you wish bad things upon them and their mere presence angers you.
It’s a choice to hold onto those feelings, and anyone who makes that choice better have a darn good reason, which most people don’t.

I find it immature and a sign of emotional dysfunction.

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For me hating is actually the best way to seperate myself from dumbasses. It means intense dislike to me. I personally do not find it immature. It also means I don’t care about them at all since I don’t have energy for people like that
And it is not due to jealousy

Growing up, sometimes I would tell my mom I hated someone. She would always tell me: you don’t hate anyone. You may hate what someone is doing but don’t hate anyone. That’s when I was 16. But now I’m 58 and 400 morons later, and being screwed and ignored and driven crazy by just about everybody, I think I earned the right to a little hate going outward.

I’ll just say that hating someone doesn’t hurt them. It’s when you start plotting for revenge that may raise a few eyebrows. If you kick a dog he’ll snarl at you ten years later but he’s not dwelling on how much he hates you during those ten years. So it’s okay to dislike and keep your guard up around bad people.

I suppose a person is entitled to their own emotions. It’s what you do with them that matters. Hating someone is like picking a scab, you know it is not good, but you can’t stop yourself. It can be hard to keep from hating. If you go around saying, “I hate haters” you’re being hateful yourself. You have to be like Mahatma Ghandi or Martin Luther King to transcend hatred. Not many people can do that. I hated my dad when I was growing up, but as I got older I saw all that he had done for us, and I saw how strong his compulsions were, and I could feel pity for him.

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I have felt hate, truly, but it was when I was a teen and had been treated brutally. I do not hate anyone anymore, but I won’t pretend to like everyone. I love them as people, though.

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I try not to think about it and I think you really shouldn’t let other people haterd ruin you. This world needs less hate and more compassion

I have compassion too.
But when it comes to abusive people then it is healthy to build up an emotional wall towards them that is what hate does for me so that I’m not affected by their abuse the same way. Thus it is a necessity. Some people there’s no point of being nice to cos they may just throw it in your face or its too risky cos of repeat abuse in the past.

I understand that I was sexually abuse and spiritual abuse and I have no compassion for child molester and it’s hard for me to go to church.

When you hate someone, you usually hate them because they portray a trait that is similiar to yours that you dont like.

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