I think I'm on a manic streak, that or things have been improving

The last few days I feel different and like I can actually ignore all of the intrusive thoughts. Its probably because ive been going to school and being around people more. I drive a lot and listen to rap a lot and recently I went on a trip to California and came back motivated to get better, after hanging out with my old friends.

I barely glimpse my own humanity, maybe once or twice a day, which is a huge improvement.

Don’t think I’m ready to facilitate a discussion in class though, which I signed up for (required). My accommdations could get me out of this, but I might want the challenge. My thoughts are too scrambled and i might end up not even being able to do it before its too late to quit. Any advice would be appreciated

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also i applied for a dleivery driver job

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yeah - I thin you’ve been acting a little strange too =) ?

Just take it step by step I guess . . . and try to focus well . . . breathing exercises, positive reinforcement in the mornings.

Good luck =)

Do you kind of feel like “Yes! I can take this class discussion on” at times?

It could be it was more of a fleeting feeling, like feeling you could’ve taken it on before.

It’s hard for me to say over internet, but I only know what manic episodes are like for me, when I have them. (I am sza)