It was a manic week

Literally I think I was slightly manic but it’s hard to tell… could be acting


Tbh posts like this kinda piss me off, “oh I couldn’t tell if I was having issues”.

Some of us are facing real issues everyday.

I can’t tell when I’m going off the edge I have to keep an eye on symptoms to see if I derail and go into psychosis. So I can catch before it gets worse. I try to have insight. Just because I try. You are nobody to tell me whether or not what I am feeling is any less of an issue than you. ■■■■ off.


Yeah issues are issues. This forum is good because we can talk about what’s on our mind. It’s not a contest of who’s more severe

People don’t get it. The little things is what led to my psychosis. It was the mania that took me to psychosis. So even the slightest symptom worries me. Just because I try to understand and work it out so it doesn’t get worst constantly does not make my struggle any less real. I get people think I’m making it up to start with. If the post piss him off then he can piss off. Full stop.

I have difficulty realising when I’m manic, it’s usually only after the fact that I have the insight to realise that the things I have been saying and doing were driven by mania, then I have to live with the consequences of being manic. This happened recently, at family funeral I was on full blown comedian mode, not appropriate at all. It’s so easy for hypomania to morph into full blown mania and disaster.


what is mania, what do you do when you are manic ?

I get high levels of anxiety, I shake , can’t concentrate at work or on anything my brain is running I can’t stop thinking it won’t stop thinking i expose myself (I’ve even sent images of myself and ended up feeling vulnerable )… but other than that I’m still trying to understand because after years of being told I have sz apparently it’s not.

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Thoughts race, you either feel incredible, or you feel an alternating euphoria and depression. You feel stronger, you talk a million miles an hour, you do things that don’t make sense.
Everything is in overdrive.

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@anon48059102, Mania, it’s complex, but involves waaaaay too much energy, hardly sleeping, speaking really fast and jumping from one subject to another, it can be fun, but it can also be very uncomfortable and can result in overspending, promiscuity, and rash decisions. It is a dangerous state to be in.


thank you i read littlebit about it but dont get it … now i undestand it more…is it being overly yourself and doing dangerous stuff is mania ? is being manic and mania different ?

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but jumping from one subject to another is also in schizophrenia

Being manic is the same as having mania, its the same thing. In mania one tends to talk very fast and louder than normal - called pressure of speech - it’s slightly different to the tendency to ramble meaninglessly in schizophrenia in that in schizophrenia it’s called loose associations where speech is jumbled, whereas in mania the speech is very fast and to the point it can become incomprehensible, there is a difference but it is hard to explain lol.

I just thought it was getting high on life :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha ha, me too, at the time. It’s only in hindsight I realise what manic shenanigans I’ve been up to :wink:

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I was on my floor laughing and crying with a chair flipped over last week. Losing it


Maybe it’s time for more abilify ?

I’ve got a appt on 14th of dec. It was before I went to the ward so I think I’m out of the woods for now

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