I think im ok now

I have sz. And i have had problems with how i see the world. But thanks to a guy who i like…well he put sanety in my head. The rule is just dont think illogical things. And now i think that.people cant make me confused anymore. I know once i go out of my room today …i will be seeing alot of strange stuff. But its ok to see strange stuff. Actually i cant wait to find out what i will be seeing today.

I think that you might be disappointed if you are looking for a social evolution to take place with perfection like you may have seen many times before. :thinking:

If you were to pursue some kind of activity or practice that is not social at all or very minimally, I think that you would find that a lot more rewarding because of the success you can have with a purely logical way of thinking.

In my experience over the years my life has been a dedicated tradition of self improvement and work, and because I were scz I could not dedicate so much to socializing. Therefore I learned much about things that are not social at all, and people in the mean time learned much about things that are only social. Therefore we don’t mix.

I work hard, and I think a lot of logical stuff about myself, the rest of the universe, and others. My memory loads up on things about people that they quickly forget.

So for me to “walk into a room, and expect to hit it off socially” is a no, nope, never, not going to happen, and never going to try it again. Online it’s different because I can edit, think about what I mean, and take my time reading what people say. But in actual social situations I’m an iron duke after years of learning that the hard way is the only way for me. I’m good for what I’m good at, and I’m no good for what you call “a social hit.”

So if you are thinking logically, consider this from my experiences.

By the way, very, very social people are hardly ever logical. Their “social” is the antithesis of truth and logic because truth and logic does not create sensation. Sensations do not depend on truth or logic but anything whether lies, irrational, or something completely stupid and simple.

Therefore living logically vs. sensationally are two very different paths. If you have not succeeded in sensational living thus far, you may consider logical living the remainder of the way. Study something called the Trivium and Gnostic Media on youtube and google to learn more about these things. You’ll learn more than ya bargained fer.

Good luck.

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