The Rules to Sociality - Remember This & Be Okay :)

Some people are taught what is social and what is anti social. Others have to explore the world to figure it out.

What is social to one person may be completely anti social to another person. Learn what is social and anti social from every type of person, and you’ll always be good.

Imagine a horizontal line in front of you. What is social is on the upside, and what is anti social is on the downside. Very easy to remember.

There are many people that don’t realize that while others are only wanting to increase their level of consciousness of their own minds while functioning at their jobs, hobbies, as well as social events, they themselves are wanting to be something else entirely to other people which is the opposite of sociality. They will believe that in order to get what they want they need to be anti social, but this always fails especially in the information era with internet etc everywhere.

Practice being social like you would any game or sport or music playing. The best social experts will increase in life the most. It all starts from a mild grin. Hehe.

Don’t for get what is logical and practical. Logical is the way that reality works including other people’s minds. Practical is “what is safe and/or fulfilling.” The more practical something, the more safe and/or fulfilling it is, thus it is worth more.

Being impractical and illogical can be seen as anti social to people. Being scz I realized this was a problem for me because I always wanted to work, be up to par with people and society, and I wanted a family. My practical solution to my seeming to have case of the illogical irrationality was to be extra social in my nuances, my gestures, my behavior, my efforts, my duties… That way while I might mess up because I’m scz, no one can say I’m anti social.

It really works. Just practice until you’re good, and you’ll see.

It’s important to never forget consciousness of your mind as a natural phenomenon with its own relevance to you, and never forget what it is exactly to the T. When you socialiize, that is what people are doing. They are not letting each other forget their minds. It’s the center of attraction to sociality in the first place. It always has been, and it’s simply a use of the words and gestures that sort of “shine and introspective light” into yourself that gives you a clear image or sense of what is inside of you. This gives you a better performance level at everything you do including work and sociality.

The other thing you should never forget is to routinely study philosophy and logic especially where it relates to the mind phenomenon. This will inform your mind what your mind is scientifically and realistically. In the old days a philosopher could probably only be found at a private school. Now they are on youtube all over the place for free. This is very powerful especially to someone who is mentally hurt.

Between practiced sociality and logic/philosophy as a life practice you cannot achieve any higher state of mind or “conscious awareness of mind.”

There are a lot of hoaxes out there that sound visionary but are fallacious when you use logic to measure them. Always take ever sentence you hear or read, break it down to subject and predicate parts, and check that each one is first real, and then check that they fit together. If they are fake or they don’t fit together, the statement is a fallacy. Remember the predicate part of the sentence describes the subject of the sentence. This rule is how your informational mind phenomenon informationally representing nature in your body and outside of your body works. That is also how computers work as in “computer logic,” and it’s how all of nature works.

Rational means ratio in ancient Roman. It implies that the informational values that are found in nature are equal or “sound” in the mind. Irrational means the ratio is imbalance, so that what is informed about nature in the mind is not what is true about nature.

The only contradictions are never in nature but in the minds. They’re called fallacies.

Good luck! :+1:

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It is something to practice and it can be learned but it’s not so much an intellectual thing.

Most of the English language is redundant. It’s not about meaning it’s about being social. There’s verbal cues and there’s social cues and they all come into play. You listen and respond to the cues and thus you have a social interaction.

Always pays to be concise. Meaning is simple. Projecting that is the same! It’s the same end result…just way less words!

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People say I have a magnetic personality. Im not sure what that means. But I can be social but I can also be introverted and extroverted

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Brevity is vague. :frowning: It’s okay. :slight_smile:

Okay, just don’t drop your own mind. You’re looking and listening to everyone through it, so remaining aware that the room is in your head including the sense of yourself is key to getting you “higher.” Awareness of the mind, thus promoting awareness of others’ minds is the principle behind sociality and its joys.

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