I think I'm being stalked

I’m being stalked by the police and the FBI I think they might have put a chip in my brain so that they can hear my thoughts… I see them all the time when I go out they are watching me and won’t leave me alone

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Also my friends are working for the FBI and they are trying to get me in trouble the FBI is telling them what to do I’m politically active so they say I’m a terrorist

This must be frightening
Are you on medication

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I took Seroquel for a few days last year never again

What does your doctor say

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I had an AA sponsor who said he tried to sue the cops for beating him up in jail. My sponsor said it was really scary to sue the police because you think they are always following you. He got really paranoid about it. He eventually gave up his case because it was working on his mind to much. He said he’d start thinking that the police could pay some junkie a hundred dollars, and the junkie would off him for one day’s supply of heroin. Sometimes when I was arrested I would be thinking, “These cops could pull up in some back alley and beat me senseless, and there would be nothing I could do about it.” There were two of them, and I was wearing handcuffs.

No one can hear your thoughts and the fbi doesn’t care about you, you should contact a/your psychiatrist.

How are you active in politics?