I think im autistic

Hi, on top of schizophrenia I think I am autistic. But there are no diagnosis in my country for autism. I never knew how to engage a conversation and i think i was weird from thr beginning

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You diagnosed yourself or
did a doctor diagnose you?

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Diagnosed myself. Nobody forced a diagnosis on me. Maybe my family is hiding from childhood diagnosis

I felt like I had autism when I felt socially awkward in my early twenties, but the older I got the more I realised I was just trying to validate my feelings surrounding social awkwardness and social anxiety.

There are a lot of criteria for someone being diagnosed as autistic. It should be quite clear to a psychologist whether you have those symptoms.

Although having said that… there are people with mild autism/aspergers who go undiagnosed.

BTW, what country do you live in that doesn’t recognise autism ?

In easrn europe. But i probably dont have it, posted today when i had an episode. I didnt feel different at school and was pretty good at it and had friends

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I’ve met a few people with autism with varying degrees. Common traits from an outsider’s perspective were: issues with socialising like not reading and not giving social queues. Rigid thinking. Being very blunt and direct to the point where they seem unaware of being rude. Not realising when they are being inappropriate in subject matter. Difficulty with empathy. Being generally quite flat and monotone (poor expression).

Well Im glad you don’t have it lol. If you can understand how others feel easily, or how others would feel in a imaginary scenario, its unlikely you have autism.

Nah, i just had some autistic traits when a toddler like walking on tip toes and walking with a mirror looking at a ceiling

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When I was a kid I did the mirror thing too. I’ve never met anyone else who did that. Didn’t know it was an autistic thing

I’m quite sure I have what they used to call asbegers. I took a test online a few times and fell into that category.

My 3 year old son is classified as weak autism and doesn’t speak much at 3 years ok’d despite understanding two languages and doing 5 year old puzzles, starting to write because he searches for stufff on his iPhone … he smart but doesn’t talk much

My cousin was very late with language and was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Thankfully he’s got lots of help and now due to the help than he could have been

ah 3 year old with an iphone? Isn’t that a bit young to have an iphone?

I’m autistic as well as schizoaffective. It’s a fun combo that’s for sure

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