Going to be another bad night's sleep?

In bed for 50 minutes and no sign of sleep. First off irrational fears that there is someone in my living room that’s going to get me. I say irrational because in order to get up to the 11th floor I’d either have to let them in through my buzzer or someone else let them in downstairs(highly unlikely at this time of night). Then why would they specifically target me? I can reality test this every which way but this is a recurring thing though not 24/7/365. It’s my paranoia at its worst.
Secondly mind won’t switch off. Seem to be fighting sleep.

That’s no fun man.

Try and think about something else. Favorite fictional universe. Like LOTR or something similar.

I found the setting in the halo games had a lot of depth. They kind of ■■■■■■ it up, but there is immersion there.

Not saying it’d put you to sleep but it might bring you comfort to think about something else.

When my paranoia acts up at night, I usually turn on the TV or listen to some soothing music - Hope that you feel better soon @firemonkey

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Do something boring until you feel sleepy. By the way, most things I read about sleep recommend that you should NOT get on the computer to induce sleepiness. They say the monitor screen stimulates your senses and actually makes you more awake. But as long as you’re on, do a search for 'sleep hygiene" or other related articles. Find the website that has a list of things to do when you want to sleep but you can’t.

I suffered a lot of days with insomnia caused by Geodon and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t sleep without pills. Try reading something or taking a bath, I notice that when I can’t sleep, I’d rather just relax in bed and listen to music instead of doing stuff.

Sucks when you’re still in that state and 9 am rolls around and there are things to do.

aww I know. I used to fall asleep around 5-6 am and sleep for several hours before going to work. My god, when will this suffering end?!

Good question. I’m sure it will though.

@firemonkey I was taking 0.5 mg of Ativan to treat my insomnia. It really helped me sleep for about a year without any side effects.

In the end I managed about 4.5 hours which was broken into two spells of sleep.Certainly don’t feel refreshed.
@waterway Thanks for the ativan tip but unfortunately my nurse practitioner/pdoc is unlikely to prescribe that as my anxiety is “to be expected with your paranoia” as the pdoc once said.
I do have some Kalms which is an OTC remedy made of Hops,Valerian and Gentian which is supposed to relieve anxiety and stress and help sleep. I only take it when I know a really anxiety provoking event is coming up. Perhaps I should take it more regularly. One reason I don’t is I tend to take the recommended dose for the day all in one go and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. A part of me doubts it will work if spilt into 3 smaller doses.

What’s sleep?

I like to listen to music when I can’t stop thinking. It occupies the space I was using to think

As an OTC sleep aid, kava tea has been helpful in the past. I haven’t tried it since I was diagnosed, but I think I might soon, I haven’t been sleeping much either.