I think I'll start walking tonight

I think I’ll take a little walk around the complex every night starting tonight. It will be good for me. Then before I go to sleep I’ll do some back and leg stretches. I got my shipment of Slimfast this morning and I see the Dr. about a appetite suppressant on Wednesday. I hope I can make some positive changes for myself.


Right on! I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can get my own walkies in.



I started walking and the only thing that stopped me was the nausea and vomitting. Make sure you bring water with you.

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I will, and I will wait till it cools down too.

I started just with walking and setting simple, realistic goals. Eventually I got a fitness tracker and aimed for 10 kms a day. I’m a big fan of the exercise these days as you know. It’s made such a good difference to my life but it was hard to start…

Getting that initial motivation and to do it regularly was a struggle but it was worth pushing through. Good luck and enjoy your walk.


I don’t feel comfortable outside so I never get out. I occasionally sit my backyard with my parents but never alone.


i was pushing the morbidly obese weight. then i dieted, which was the main help, and lost fifty pounds. and i started walking a lot to help keep the weight off. plus it’s good for you. when the weather cooperates i walk a lot. i shoot for four to seven miles a day, but usually only get four or five. it would be great to start running, but that’s asking a lot given how hard that is to get into each each week.


I wanted to walk outside today, but it seemed like it rained every 20 minutes. Hope you were able to get out @Leaf.

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Best of wishes Leeaf, I’m rooting for you, sounds like you are taking good proactive steps…

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