I think I was misdiagnosed

I just read this in reference to DID:

[S]chizophrenics experience psychotic forms of intrusion (e.g., “John Ashcroft is implanting his thoughts in my head.”), whereas dissociative patients experience nonpsychotic intrusions (e.g., “Sometimes I have thoughts that do not feel like they are mine.”).

I experience only “nonpsychotic intrusions”, so does that mean I have dissociative identity disorder rather than schizophrenia?? I’m f-ing pissed that I might be forced to live as a schizophrenic when in reality there’s a slight difference between my condition and that diagnosis. I just want to be understood correctly by my friggen lifelong psychiatrist overlord. :disappointed_relieved:

There’s a lot more to DID than that. Do you have any other symptoms?

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I admit I just read the one article…

Do you know much about DID?

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That is one very very minor difference.

I used to think I had DID.
The voices I hear have distinct personalities, I even know how they “look”. I would feel like they took over control and spoke through me, but according to the pdoc, it was due to the psychosis.
It makes sense. Even when the voices took control, I never lost time or blacked out.

Trust your pdoc. Take the recommended medication.

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I’m diagnosed with DID. Of course if you’re concerned talk to your doc about it. But I can answer some questions about it for you.

Quick questions

  1. do you dissociate?

  2. Do you take on different personas.

But I don’t and have never hallucinated. I friggen swear, not even on LSD!

What positive symptoms do you have? Why does your doctor think you have sz?

Schizophrenia isn’t all about hallucinatin, there’s a lot of symptoms that factor in when making the diagnosis.


I’m pretty sure I don’t do either of those things.

But it’s just that I don’t feel that I’m in control of my actions, like nearly everything I do I call “guidance” which I believe to be possession of sorts.

I don’t think I experience any of the positive, but I relate strongly to the negatives.

Are you diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizophrenia simplex?

I thought I had DID at one point, myself, because my personality felt fractured. Turns out, I was just generally dissociating from everything, including myself. I, too, don’t have “intrusive” psychosis, necessarily. I just have this radio announcer-type person that hangs out in my head and blabbers in gibberish all day, so I can’t really say somebody is INTRUDING in my mind or projecting themselves, you know?

Plain schizophrenia.

Is the voice audible or mental? That’s the difference that I’m caught up on.

Voices can be both. Internal voices are still voices.


Well, I have no idea. I also suspected I had DID before I was diagnosed with sz. Will, even after for a while. Turns out it was reoccurring dissociative amnesia.

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But what if they freely possess (take control of) the body?

He’s definitely audible with full tone, pitch, and speed of speech.

Yeah that’s what I’m worried about. For me it’s all mental, not audible.