I think I might be getting mentally ill because

I’m getting into religion again. It’s almost a compulsive thing right now.

Unfortunately, when I’m not medicated I’m extremely into religious stuff.

I’m currently on meds but dealing with this anyway

So I’m concerned.


Did you stop the antipsychotic? talk to your doctor.

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No @Nirvana . I’m still taking both of them

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It’s probably the stress of work. Is there anything you can do to make things easier in that regard?


Well I saw my therapist yesterday. She told me to do deep breathing before work. I work tomorrow so I’ll try that

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Do you work everyday or just a few days a week?

If it’s just a few days a week, then maybe you should to do less activities than you normally do during your time off to recover.

Just rest more on your days off.


Ok @everhopeful . It’s just 3 days per week. I’ll see what relaxing things I can do.


I also I’m dealing with religious delusions. I talked to my therapist and he is open about everything. Our last session he told me he is a atheist. He still keeps me very very levelheaded. And understands what I’m going through with my delusions. He tells me it’s mental illness.

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@Dude1 , I’m glad your therapist helps you. That’s great news. If it’s still going on when I see mine again in a couple weeks I’ll bring it up to her.


I was going to church twice a week but have stepped it down to once a week because of getting to zealous and having deluded thoughts.


Try to relax and de-stress as much as you can, you know you can beat the delusional thoughts as long as you remain wiser than the delusion. Keep faith, you got this CoCo!


i was extreme religious in the past that affected my life negatively and was so stressful for me.now i am an atheist and i find it so good, calm, peaceful and logical in the same time. i dont know is this related to my mental illnes or my drugs or its normal thing.

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I want to believe in something bigger than myself so it helps me get through life.

But I don’t want to obsess or get weird, which I’ve done before


I’m in the same situation. I went from no religion to living and breathing it every day. I feel like I’m on the verge of becoming unwell again, but my life feels so empty without some kind of faith. I don’t know what to trust and believe in…

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Yeah. It’s tricky for sure.

Ya, it’s a cause for concern. Might be stress related or something. I had religious thoughts in the past and they ended up making me mad. Like I thought I was a ‘fallen angel’ or something, but not Satan or Lucifer. That I ‘met’ God, but no man has met God. I also believe in reincarnation and stuff, which isn’t in the Bible…

I had memories or visions or past life hallucinations of Enoch and stuff and thought I was a character in the Bible and visualized Biblical times during the Roman Period and stuff.

I even thought I was the Anti-Christ, but I don’t believe that anymore. I never really did, honestly. I don’t even know if it’s real, but I read into stuff and connect the dots. Some big names think crypto or bitcoin could be the Mark of the Beast and stuff, for example.

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Really? Strange. I’m sorry you’ve struggled with this as well.

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@CoCo do you have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? I was very into religious stuff at times of extended mania. Eventually the mania would come to a crashing halt and I’d lose all interest. I got really into Judaism for a few years, was planning a conversion. I went to synagogue, Torah study, Hebrew study, really into it, but I enjoyed it and it wasn’t so obsessive as to do me any harm.

The only bad thing about it for me was that it was a sign my manic stuff was getting out of control.

I hope you will be okay :hugs:.

I agree with others that you should try to rest and relax more when you’re not at work. That’s what I do.

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I am diagnosed schizoaffective depressive type. Thanks for sharing your experience @freakonaleash

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I have unusual religious beliefs. I can still get triggered into them. So i abstain from any religious things. Theres still one belief i cant shake no matter how hard i try.

It becomes difficult as people in group therapy sessions can tend to be devout christians. And right now a book being covered on thursdays is religious in nature. So i stopped going on thursdays. Even though i hate to miss group.

Just gotta do what you can to keep yourself safe and as healthy as possible. But im an extreme. I cant do any religion or ill fall off the wagon completely.

If a little here and there or some good words help you from scripture or the like just do what helps. Once it becomes problematic reasses and work from there.

I wish you luck in finding your balance.