I think I just had a visual hallucination

I swear I just saw a picture move and talk for a split second. I can’t make it happen again and it’s really frustrating me. -_- I’m hoping I’m not slipping into another break. I’m currently medicated but I think things need to be tweaked.

Oh mods you can close this…I totally did see the picture move lol. It was a gif. Ditzzzzz


When I was little I would see the characters in the paintings on my walls move and talk, like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie. I remember watching them totally mesmerized. And then being annoyed because they wouldn’t shut up when I had to sleep, lol.

Definitely do some tweaking if concerned!

Well I think I saw it move again. Yeah every appointment we’ve been slowly upping my AP I’m still on the low end of zyprexa but think I need to go into the double digits lol

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I think for me I was most focused on eliminating my unpleasant symptoms. So if at a certain dose my paranoia was gone, but my harmless visual hallucinations were not, I didn’t really care. The goal is to be on as low a dose as possible. But if you think you’re going into another break than yes ideally you’d raise it at least until it passed.

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Yeah I’m trying to stay as low as possible. My doc said 10mgs is the next step, which for zyprexa is just the starting point of a therapeutic dose for SZ, you can, theoretically go all the way to 15mgs or 20. I’m at 7.5 right now. So jumping to ten wouldn’t be very much.

I’ve had people from the newspapers come into my house and address me. Andrea Merkel (the chancellor of Germany) was tough because I don’t speak German