I think I have trouble digesting protein

I was thinking that I needed to eat more protein, so I put a bacon cheeseburger in the microwave, and then had a tasty meal. But then my energy level plummeted. I had to lay down for about thirty minutes. Protein does tend to keep my moods stable. I think I might try some Ensure, if I can afford it. Maybe their protein is easier to digest.


Bacon cheese burger is one of the most unhealthy sources of protein since it is fried and broiled in oil. If you prefer to ingest good sources of protein than eat boiled eggs, lean chicken breast or have a whey protein shake.


I think to be honest your blood sugar is spiking and you get sleepy from that. Good protein will give you energy. Something like that isn’t going to refuel you properly.


Does this happen frequently?

It is starting to. It is something kind of new.

I think there are usually some generic brands on that kind of thing, so I can afford to use those supplements. Besides that, they’re tasty.

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